The UMass Permaculture Initiative is a unique and cutting-edge sustainability program that converts underused grass lawns on the campus into edible, low-maintenance, and easily replicable gardens. This initiative was created by students and then adopted and funded by our administration in 2010. Students and permaculture staff work together along with UMass Dining Services, the Campus Sustainability Initiative, and many other departments to demonstrate the vision of what a sustainable community and world can look like.

UMass is one of the only public universities in the country implementing sustainable permaculture gardens directly on campus each year and serving the local, healthy produce in the university's dining commons.

Although the UMass Permaculture Initiative was born from just a few visionary students, we have grown considerably since our inception. As a result of our expansion, the initiative has formed partnerships with three different branches within the UMass Amherst system. The student-led UMass Permaculture committee, the Stockbridge School of Agriculture and, UMass Dining - all working together to achieve the same end. To learn more, check out the History of the UMass Permaculture Initiative.