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In a recent Letter [1] (see also [2]) the authors presented numerical evidence supporting an idea of a direct transition between the superfluid (SF) and Mott insulating (MI) phases in the disordered Bosonic system, and even studied non-trivial properties of the multicritical line where SF, MI and the Bose Glass (BG) phases meet. The results were obtained from Monte Carlo simulations of the (2+1)-dimensional classical loop-current model [3] with the lattice action S = 1 2K ÞE ~ J=0 XrƒÑ ~ J2(r, ƒÑ) . 2(ƒÊ + v(r)) ~ JƒÑ (r, ƒÑ) . (1) where r, ƒÑ are spatial and imaginary time coordinates, and ~ J(r, ƒÑ) are integer current vectors with zero divergence. The spatial disorder potential v(r) is uniformly distributed on the interval (.,).


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