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Physics Review B


We report results of quantum Monte Carlo simulations of the Bose-Hubbard model in three dimensions. Critical parameters for the superfluid-to-Mott-insulator transition are determined with significantly higher accuracy than has been done in the past. In particular, the position of the critical point at filling factor n=1 is found to be at (U∕t)c=29.34(2), and the insulating gap Δ is measured with accuracy of a few percent of the hopping amplitude t. We obtain the effective mass of particle and hole excitations in the insulating state—with explicit demonstration of the emerging particle-hole symmetry and relativistic dispersion law at the transition tip—along with the sound velocity in the strongly correlated superfluid phase. These parameters are the necessary ingredients to perform analytic estimates of the low temperature (T⪡Δ) thermodynamics in macroscopic samples. We present accurate thermodynamic curves, including these for specific heat and entropy, for typical insulating (U∕t=40) and superfluid (t∕U=0.0385) phases. Our data can serve as a basis for accurate experimental thermometry, and a guide for appropriate initial conditions if one attempts to use interacting bosons in quantum information processing.


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