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PRX Quantum


Quantum computing offers a powerful new paradigm of information processing that has the potential to transform a wide range of industries. In the pursuit of the tantalizing promises of a universal quantum computer, a multitude of new knowledge and expertise has been developed, enabling the construction of novel quantum algorithms as well as increasingly robust quantum hardware. In particular, we have witnessed rapid progress in the circuit quantum electrodynamics (cQED) technology, which has emerged as one of the most promising physical systems that is capable of addressing the key challenges in realizing full-stack quantum computing on a large scale. In this Tutorial, we present some of the most crucial building blocks developed by the cQED community in recent years and a précis of the latest achievements towards robust universal quantum computation. More importantly, we aim to provide a synoptic outline of the core techniques that underlie most cQED experiments and offer a practical guide for a novice experimentalist to design, construct, and characterize their first quantum device.







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