Final Examination

  • We imagine the end of the world as an exotic, even unreal phenomenon. In movies, superheroes battle world-ending threats. In religion, the end times can stand as a time of judgment or renewal. In reality, however, world-ending processes are routine. From the time the Puritans, fired by apocalyptic visions, arrived in New England to now, when rising sea levels threaten coastal towns, Massachusetts has seen more than its share. In this podcast series, Commonwealth Honors College students look at the politics of the end of the world in projects created as their course’s Final Examination.


  • Trajectory is a bi-weekly production that focuses on the voices and narratives of UMass Amherst students as they share their journeys defining and achieving their own college success. Honoring that there are as many paths to success as there are students, our primary goal is giving students space to tell their stories while allowing others to listen and learn – and become inspired.


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