These courses form the core of the psychology training all graduate student clinicians undergo. Syllabi for the courses are provided. Although course number, professor, or course title may change over the years, the purpose of the course remains the same and is summarized below. Syllabi are identified with the descriptive title listed below. Abstracts for each syllabus will include the course number, course title, and professor for that year.


This course provides graduate students an introduction to alternative views of abnormality, clinical theory and research on psychopathology.

Adult Theories and Techniques of Psychotherapy

The goal of this seminar is to provide clinical psychology graduate students with a thorough foundation regarding the nature, history, evolution, and current status of the adult psychotherapy field from theoretical, empirical, and clinical perspectives. As suggested by the title, the course will attempt to achieve an optimal balance between the theoretical and the applied aspects of the most influential systems of psychotherapy. Although there are literally hundreds of documented types of psychotherapies, most can still be substantially subsumed by the major systems covered in this course.

Child Theories and Techniques of Psychology

This seminar is to provide graduate students with a foundation regarding the theoretical, empirical, and clinical perspectives of child and adolescent psychology.

Adult Assessment

The goal of this course is to introduce students to psychological assessment with adults with a specific focus on the assessment of intelligence, memory, and executive functioning. In the course, students learn how to administer and interpret several of the most commonly used instruments in the field and gain familiarity with a wide range of other frequently used measures and approaches. In addition, students explore theoretical issues relevant to these procedures.

Child Assessment

This is an introduction to clinical interviewing, observation, and testing with children and adolescents. The course is directed by clinical supervisors.


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Adult Theories and Techniques of Psychotherapy, 2009, Michael Constantino