Submissions from 2008

Surface modification of tobacco mosaic virus with "Click" chemistry, MA Bruckman, G Kaur, LA Lee, F Xie, J Sepulvecla, R Breitenkamp, X Zhang, M Joralemon, TP Russell, T Emrick, and Q Wang

POLY 66-Thin film polymer modified surfaces, KR Carter, D Koylu, and JA Maegerlein

Surface wrinkles for smart adhesion, EP Chan, EJ Smith, RC Hayward, and AJ Crosby

Surface wrinkles for smart adhesion, EP Chan, EJ Smith, RC Hayward, and AJ Crosby

POLY 177-Teflon-stabilized dry water, DF Cheng and TJ McCarthy

Synthesis and Solution Properties of Norbornene Based Polybetaines, S Colak and GN Tew

Imaging of individual polymers undergoing flow in a bed of small spheres, CD DeLong and DA Hoagland

Capillary forces between chemically different substrates, EJ De Souza, M Brinkmann, C Mohrdieck, A Crosby, and E Arzt

Morphological study on an Azobenzene-containing liquid crystalline Diblock copolymer, LM Ding, HM Mao, J Xu, JB He, X Ding, TP Russell, DR Robello, and M Mis

Bamboo is a suitable template for polymerizations, SA Eastman, AJ Lesser, and TJ McCarthy

Amorphous Diblock Copolymers with a High Organometallic Block Volume Fraction: Synthesis, Characterization and Self-Assembly of Polystyrene-block-Poly(ferrocenylethylmethylsilane) in the Bulk State, JC Eloi, DA Rider, JY Wang, TP Russell, and I Manners

POLY 61-Reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization of vinyl acetate from nanoparticle surfaces, T Emrick, E Glogowski, and H Rathnayake

Antibacterial and hemolytic activities of quaternary pyridinium functionalized polynorbornenes, T Eren, A Som, JR Rennie, CF Nelson, Y Urgina, K Nusslein, EB Coughlin, and GN Tew

Separating membrane and surface tension contributions in Pickering droplet deformation, JK Ferri, P Carl, N Gorevski, TP Russell, Q Wang, A Boker, and A Fery

Self-assembly of metallo-supramolecular block copolymers in thin films, CA Fustin, P Guillet, MJ Misner, TP Russell, US Schubert, and JF Gohy

Synthetic Mimic of Antimicrobial Peptide with Nonmembrane-Disrupting Antibacterial Properties, GJ Gabriel, AE Madkour, JM Dabkowski, CF Nelson, K Nusslein, and GN Tew

Interactions between Antimicrobial Polynorbornenes and Phospholipid Vesicles Monitored by Light Scattering and Microcalorimetry, GJ Gabriel, JG Pool, A Som, JM Dabkowski, EB Coughlin, M Muthukurnar, and GN Tew

Conformationally rigid proteomimetics: a case study in designing antimicrobial aryl oligomers, GJ Gabriel and GN Tew

Superhydrophobicity and contact-line issues, LC Gao, AY Fadeev, and TJ McCarthy

Teflon is hydrophilic. Comments on definitions of hydrophobic, shear versus tensile hydrophobicity, and wettability characterization, LC Gao and TJ McCarthy

Continuous crystallization in hexagonally ordered materials, GM Grason

Structural transitions and soft modes in frustrated DNA crystals, GM Grason

Microdomain orientation of PS-b-PMMA by controlled interfacial interactions, S Ham, C Shin, E Kim, DY Ryu, U Jeong, TP Russell, and CJ Hawker

PMSE 107-Self-assembly of nanorods at fluid-fluid interfaces: Orientation and packing, JB He, QL Zhang, S Gupta, P Thiyagarajan, T Emrick, and TP Russell

Stimuli-responsive polyguanidino-oxanorbornene membrane transporters as multicomponent sensors in complex matrices, A Hennig, GJ Gabriel, GN Tew, and S Matile

PMSE 147-Wrinkling and snapping polymer surfaces, DP Holmes, D Breid, EP Chan, and AJ Crosby

Crumpled surface structures, DP Holmes, M Ursiny, and AJ Crosby

POLY 368-Synthesis of photoisomerizable block copolymers by atom transfer radical polymerization, CF Huang, K Matyjaszewski, FC Chang, and TP Russell

Chain-end functionalized nanopatterned polymer brushes grown via in situ nitroxide free radical exchange, SB Jhaveri, M Beinhoff, CJ Hawker, KR Carter, and DY Sogah

Nickel-catalyzed coupling of aryl bromides in the presence of alkyllithium reagents, SB Jhaveri and KR Carter

Nickel catalyzed synthesis of poly-(9,9-substituted) fluorenes aided by an alkyl lithium reagent, SB Jhaveri and KR Carter

Organolithium-Activated Nickel (OLAN) Catalysis: A New Synthetic Route for Polyarylates, SB Jhaveri, JJ Peterson, and KR Carter

Synthesis of Macrocycle Isomers via Metathesis Cyclization and Their Self-Assembly from Aqueous Solutions, J Jiang and GN Tew

Extending helicity-capturing the helical character of longer ortho-phenylene ethynylene oligomers, TV Jones, MM Slutsky, and GN Tew

Adaptive polymer particles, K Kalaitzidou and AJ Crosby

Hydrodynamic crossover in dynamic microparticle adhesion on surfaces of controlled nanoscale heterogeneity, S Kalasin and MM Santore

Size control and registration of nano-structured thin films by cross-linkable units, E Kim, C Shin, H Ahn, DY Ryu, J Bang, CJ Hawker, and TP Russell

PMSE 76-Creasing of hydrogels under compression: Harnessing an elastic instability to create active surfaces, J Kim, V Trujillo, A Burns, and RC Hayward

Controlling Orientation and Order in Block Copolymer Thin Films, SH Kim, MJ Misner, and TP Russell

POLY 143-Charged polymer brushes, D Koylu and KR Carter

Confinement free energy of flexible polyelectrolytes in spherical cavities, R Kumar and M Muthukumar

Theory of competitive counterion adsorption on flexible polyelectrolytes: Divalent salts, A Kundagrami and M Muthukumar

Highly aligned ultrahigh density arrays of conducting polymer nanorods using block copolymer templates, JI Lee, SH Cho, SM Park, JK Kim, JK Kim, JW Yu, YC Kim, and TP Russell

Antimicrobial polymers prepared by ROMP with unprecedented selectivity: A molecular construction kit approach, K Lienkamp, AE Madkour, A Musante, CF Nelson, K Nusslein, and GN Tew

Responsive assemblies: Gold nanoparticles with mixed ligands in microphase separated block copolymers, QF Li, JB He, E Glogowski, XF Li, J Wang, T Emrick, and TP Russell

Core/Shell Biocomposites from the Hierarchical Assembly of Bionanoparticles and Polymer, T Li, ZW Niu, T Emrick, TR Russell, and Q Wang

Collapse of Linear Polyelectrolyte Chains in a Poor Solvent: When Does a Collapsing Polyelectrolyte Collect its Counterions?, P Loh, GR Deen, D Vollmer, K Fischer, M Schmidt, A Kundagrami, and M Muthukumar

Non-halogen fire resistant plastics for aircraft interiors, RE Lyon and T Emrick

Perspective - Towards self-sterilizing medical devices: controlling infection, AE Madkour and GN Tew

Hierarchical description of deformation in block copolymer TPEs, M Mamodia, K Indukuri, ET Atkins, WH De Jeu, and A Lesser

Microphase separated structures in the solid and molten states of double-crystal graft copolymers of polyethylene and poly(ethylene oxide), PR Mark, NS Murthy, S Weigand, K Breitenkamp, M Kade, and T Emrick

Device fabrication by easy soft imprint nano-lithography, IW Moran, AL Briseno, S Loser, and KR Carter

High-resolution soft lithography of thin film resists enabling nanoscopic pattern transfer, IW Moran, DF Cheng, SB Jhaveri, and KR Carter

Microwave-assisted synthesis of conjugated semiconducting polymers: Bulk and patterned thin films, IW Moran, SB Jhaveri, and KR Carter

Patterned layers of a semiconducting polymer via imprinting and microwave-assisted grafting, IW Moran, SB Jhaveri, and KR Carter

PHYS 179-Theory of polymer translocation, M Muthukumar

Directly patterned mesoporous dielectric films templated from chemically amplified block copolymers, S Nagarajan, JK Bosworth, CK Ober, TP Russell, and JJ Watkins

Simple fabrication of micropatterned mesoporous silica films using photoacid generators in block copolymers, S Nagarajan, JK Bosworth, CK Ober, TP Russell, and JJ Watkins

An efficient route to mesoporous silica films with perpendicular nanochannels, S Nagarajan, MQ Li, RA Pai, JK Bosworth, P Busch, DM Smilgies, CK Ober, TP Russell, and JJ Watkins

Structural evolution of complexes of poly (styrenesulfonate) and cetyltrimethylammonium chloride, RG Nause, DA Hoagland, and HH Strey

CHED 1514-Materials Research Facilities Network (MRFN), a national research and education resource, AA Odukale, CJ Hawker, TP Lodge, TP Russell, MW Urban, and JJ de Pablo

Fabrication of highly ordered silicon oxide dots and stripes from block copolymer thin films, S Park, B Kim, JY Wang, and TP Russell

Ordering of PS-b-P4VP on patterned silicon surfaces, S Park, B Kim, O Yavuzcetin, MT Tuominen, and TP Russell

From nanorings to nanodots by patterning with block copolymers, S Park, JY Wang, B Kim, and TP Russell

A simple route to highly oriented and ordered nanoporous block copolymer templates, S Park, JY Wang, B Kim, J Xu, and TP Russell

Fracture-induced alignment of surface wrinkles, CJ Rand, R Sweeney, M Morrissey, L Hazel, and AJ Crosby

Thermal degradation of deoxybenzoin polymers studied by pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, T Ranganathan, M Beaulieu, J Zilberman, KD Smith, PR Westmoreland, RJ Farris, EB Coughlin, and T Emrick

Thermal degradation of deoxybenzoin polymers studied by pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, T Ranganathan, M Beaulieu, J Zilberman, KD Smith, PR Westmoreland, RJ Farris, EB Coughlin, and T Emrick

Synthesis of thermoresponsive poly (N-isopropylmethacrylamide) and poly(acrylic acid) block copolymers via post-functionalization of poly(N-methacryloxysuccinimide), JM Rathfon and GN Tew

Grafting-from nanoparticles using aldol group transfer polymerization, HP Rathnayake and T Emrick

Aldol group transfer polymerization for grafting from cadmium selenide nanoparticles, H Rathnayake, R Tangirala, Q Zhang, and T Emrick

Controlling the morphologies of organometallic block copolymers in the 3-dimensional spatial confinement of colloidal and inverse colloidal crystals, DA Rider, JIL Chen, JC Eloi, AC Arsenault, TP Russell, GA Ozin, and I Manners

Nanostructured magnetic thin films from organometallic block copolymers: Pyrolysis of self-assembled polystyrene-block-poly(ferrocenylethylmethylsilane), DA Rider, K Liu, JC Eloi, L Vanderark, L Yang, JY Wang, D Grozea, ZH Lu, TP Russell, and I Manners

Biofunctional polymer nanoparticles for intra-articular targeting and retention in cartilage, DA Rothenfluh, H Bermudez, CP O'Neil, and JA Hubbell

CHED 159-Materials education: Teaching the teachers, TP Russell

PMSE 110-Capillary wrinkling of floating thin films, TP Russell, JS Huang, M Juszkiewicz, W de Jeu, E Cerda, T Emrick, and N Menon

POLY 617-Click chemistry to give pegylated pyridine and water soluble ruthenium benzylidene catalysts, D Samanta, K Kratz, and T Emrick

A synthesis of PEG- and phosphorylcholine-substituted pyridines to afford water-soluble ruthenium benzylidene metathesis catalysts, D Samanta, K Kratz, X Zhang, and T Emrick

End-Functionalized Phosphorylcholine Methacrylates and their Use in Protein Conjugation, D Samanta, S Mcrae, B Cooper, YX Hu, and T Emrick

Photo-Cross-Linked PLA-PEO-PLA Hydrogels from Self-Assembled Physical Networks: Mechanical Properties and Influence of Assumed Constitutive Relationships, N Sanabria-DeLong, AJ Crosby, and GN Tew

ANYL 208-Dynamics in adsorbed polymer layers: From simplicity to intricacy, MM Santore

De novo designed synthetic mimics of antimicrobial peptides, RW Scott, WF DeGrado, and GN Tew

Ethylene-propylene-silsesquioxane thermoplastic elastomers, B Seurer and EB Coughlin

Fluoroelastomer Copolymers Incorporating Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane, B Seurer and EB Coughlin

Transition Behavior of Block Copolymer Thin Films on Preferential Surfaces, C Shin, H Ahn, E Kim, DY Ryu, J Huh, KW Kim, and TP Russell

A highly selective colorimetric aqueous sensor for mercury, R Shunmugam, GJ Gabriel, CE Smith, KA Aamer, and GN Tew

Polymers that contain ligated metals in their side chain: Building a foundation for functional materials in opto-electronic applications with an emphasis on lanthanide ions, R Shunmugam and GN Tew

Terpyridine-lanthanide complexes respond to fluorophosphate containing nerve gas G-agent surrogates, R Shunmugam and GN Tew

White-light emission from mixing blue and red-emitting metal complexes, R Shunmugam and GN Tew

Arrays of ultrasmall metal rings, DK Singh, RV Krotkov, HQ Xiang, T Xu, TP Russell, and MT Tuominen

Anomalous suppression of the transition temperature of superconducting nanostructured honeycomb films: Electrical transport measurements and Maekawa-Fukuyama model, DK Singh, S Yngvesson, TP Russell, and MT Tuominen

Synthesis and characterization of amphiphilic o-phenylene ethynylene oligomers, MM Slutsky, JS Phillip, and GN Tew

Influence of lipid composition on membrane activity of antimicrobial phenylene ethynylene oligomers, A Som and GN Tew

Synthetic mimics of antimicrobial peptides, A Som, S Vemparala, I Ivanov, and GN Tew

Monodisperse oligo(phenylene vinylene) ligands on CdSe quantum dots: Synthesis and polarization anisotropy measurements, PK Sudeep, KT Early, KD McCarthy, MY Odoi, MD Barnes, and T Emrick

PEGylated silicon nanoparticles: synthesis and characterization, PK Sudeep, Z Page, and T Emrick

COLL 290-Capturing antimicrobial peptide activity in simpler molecules, G Tew

POLY 50-Capturing antimicrobial peptide activity in simpler molecules, G Tew

POLY 540-Designing polymers with strong similarities to biology, G Tew

YCC 8-Capturing antimicrobial activity in simpler molecules leads to a commercial opportunity, G Tew