Submissions from 2008

Polymer translocation through a cylindrical channel, CTA Wong and M Muthukumar

Scaling theory of polymer translocation into confined regions, CTA Wong and M Muthukumar

Mechanism of a prototypical synthetic membrane-active antimicrobial: Efficient hole-punching via interaction with negative intrinsic curvature lipids, LH Yang, VD Gordon, DR Trinkle, NW Schmidt, MA Davis, C DeVries, A Som, JE Cronan, GN Tew, and GCL Wong

ENVR 138-Target of synthetic antimicrobial oligomer in bacterial membranes, LH Yang, V Gordon, A Som, JE Cronan, GN Tew, and GCL Wong

Perturbing effects of bulky comonomers on the chain conformation of poly(vinylidene fluoride), Y Yang, S Ramalingam, G Wu, SL Hsu, LW Kleiner, FW Tang, N Ding, and S Hossainy

Adsorption of copolymers aggregates: From kinetics to adsorbed layer structure, B Zdyrko, PBY Ofir, AM Alb, WF Reed, and MM Santore

Manipulating microparticles with single surface-immobilized nanoparticles, J Zhang, S Srivastava, R Duffadar, JM Davis, VM Rotello, and MM Santore

Hierarchically structured microparticles formed by interfacial instabilities of emulsion droplets containing amphiphilic block copolymers, J Zhu and RC Hayward

Spontaneous generation of amphiphilic block copolymer micelles with multiple morphologies through interfacial instabilities, JT Zhu and RC Hayward

Wormlike Micelles with Microphase-Separated Cores from Blends of Amphiphilic AB and Hydrophobic BC Diblock Copolymers, JT Zhu and RC Hayward

Living microlens arrays, JA Zimberlin, P Wadsworth, and AJ Crosby

Submissions from 2007

RAFT polymerization of a novel activated ester monomer and conversion to a terpyridine-containing homopolymer, KA Aamer and GN Tew

Supramolecular polymers containing terpyridine-metal complexes in the side chain, KA Aamer and GN Tew

Synthesis, dynamic light scattering, and luminescence properties of copolymers containing iridium(III) bisterpyridine in the side chain, KA Aamer and GN Tew

Micro- to nanoscale structure of biocompatible PLA-PEO-PLA hydrogels, SK Agrawal, N Sanabria-DeLong, PR Jemian, GN Tew, and SR Bhatia

Online monitoring of ring-opening metathesis polymerization of cyclooctadiene and a functionalized norbornene, AM Alb, P Enohnyaket, JF Craymer, T Eren, EB Coughlin, and WF Reed

Comment on "Capillary filling of anodized alumina nanopore arrays" - Reply, KJ Alvine, OG Shpyrko, PS Pershan, K Shin, and TP Russell

Roles of conformational and configurational defects on the physical aging of amorphous poly(lactic acid), K Aou, SL Hsu, LW Kleiner, and FW Tang

Facile routes to patterned surface neutralization layers for block copolymer lithography, J Bang, J Bae, P Lowenhielm, C Spiessberger, SA Given-Beck, TP Russell, and CJ Hawker

Effect of humidity on the ordering of PEO-based copolymer thin films, J Bang, BJ Kim, GE Stein, TP Russell, X Li, J Wang, EJ Kramer, and CJ Hawker

Activity of an antimicrobial peptide mimetic against planktonic and biofilm cultures of oral pathogens, N Beckloff, D Laube, T Castro, D Furgang, S Park, D Perlin, D Clements, H Tang, RW Scott, GN Tew, and G Diamond

Self-assembly of nanoparticles at interfaces, A Boker, J He, T Emrick, and TP Russell

Synthesis and characterization of polyolefin-graft-oligopeptide polyelectrolytes, RB Breitenkamp, Z Ou, K Breitenkamp, M Muthukumar, and T Emrick

Correlating yield response with molecular architecture in polymer glasses, KJ Calzia and AJ Lesser

Intersubband absorption in p-type Si1-xGex quantum dots on pre-patterned Si substrates made by a diblock copolymer process, D Cha, M Ogawa, C Chen, S Kim, J Lee, KL Wang, JY Wang, and TP Russell

Adhesion of patterned reactive interfaces, EP Chan, D Ahn, and AJ Crosby

Templated nanostructured PS-b-PEO nanotubes, JT Chen, MF Zhang, L Yang, M Collins, J Parks, A Avallone, and TP Russell

Polymer nanocomposites: The "nano" effect on mechanical properties, AJ Crosby and JY Lee

A photoactive polymer with azobenzene chromophore in the side chains, LM Ding and TP Russell

Langevin dynamics simulations of ds-DNA translocation through synthetic nanopores, C Forrey and M Muthukumar

Scaling of interdomain spacing of diblock copolymers in a selective diluent, TJ Francis, BD Vogt, MX Wang, and JJ Watkins

Infectious disease: Connecting innate immunity to biocidal polymers, GJ Gabriel, A Som, AE Madkour, T Eren, and GN Tew

A commercially available perfectly hydrophobic material (theta(A)/theta(R)=180 degrees/180 degrees), LC Gao and TJ McCarthy

How Wenzel and Cassie were wrong, LC Gao and TJ McCarthy

Ionic liquid marbles, LC Gao and TJ McCarthy

Ionic liquids are useful contact angle probe fluids, LC Gao and TJ McCarthy

Reply to "Comment on How Wenzel and Cassie Were Wrong by Gao and McCarthy", LC Gao and TJ McCarthy

Glycolipid polymer synthesized from natural lactonic sophorolipids by ring-opening metathesis polymerization, W Gao, R Hagver, V Shah, WC Xie, RA Gross, MF Ilker, C Bell, KA Burke, and EB Coughlin

Microcapsules of PEGylated gold nanoparticles prepared by fluid-fluid interfacial assembly, E Glogowski, R Tangirala, JB He, TP Russell, and T Emrick

Water-free proton-conducting polysiloxanes: A study on the effect of heterocycle structure, S Granados-Focil, RC Woudenberg, O Yavuzcetin, MT Tuominen, and EB Coughlin

Cyclophosphazene-containing polymers as imprint lithography resists, EC Hagberg, MW Hart, LH Cong, CW Allen, and KR Carter

Effects of modulus and surface chemistry of thiol-ene photopolymers in nanoimprinting, EC Hagberg, M Malkoch, YB Ling, CJ Hawker, and KR Carter

Mold and metallization: Nanocontact molding for the fabrication of metal structures, EC Hagberg, JC Scott, JA Shaw, TA von Werne, JA Maegerlein, and KR Carter

Quantum dots coordinated with conjugated organic ligands: new nanomaterials with novel photophysics, NI Hammer, T Emrick, and MD Barnes

Self-assembly of nanoparticle-copolymer mixtures: A kinetic point of view, JB He, R Tangirala, T Emrick, TP Russell, A Boker, XF Li, and J Wang

On the influence of ion incorporation in thin films of block copolymers, JB He, JY Wang, J Xu, R Tangirala, D Shin, TP Russell, XF Li, and J Wang

Drying droplets: A window into the behavior of nanorods at interfaces, J He, Q Zhang, S Gupta, T Emrick, TR Russell, and P Thiyagarajan

Snapping surfaces, DP Holmes and AJ Crosby

Capillary wrinkling of floating thin polymer films, J Huang, M Juszkiewicz, WH de Jeu, E Cerda, T Emrick, N Menon, and TP Russell

Versatile multilayer thin film preparation using hydrophobic interactions, crystallization, and chemical modification of poly(vinyl alcohol), K Jayaraman, SL Hsu, and TJ McCarthy

Disubstituted polyacetylene brushes grown via surface-directed tungsten-catalyzed polymerization, SB Jhaveri and KR Carter

Triggered decomposition of polymeric nanoparticles, SB Jhaveri and KR Carter

Synthesis of polymeric core-shell particles using surface-initiated living free-radical polymerization, SB Jhaveri, D Koylu, D Maschke, and KR Carter

Phase separation kinetics of polyelectrolyte solutions, S Kanai and M Muthukumar

Fabrication of ordered anodic aluminum oxide using a solvent-induced array of block-copolymer micelles, BY Kim, SJ Park, TJ McCarthy, and TP Russell

Globular organization of multifunctional linear homopolymer using trifunctional molecules, YJ Kim, D Shin, DR Vutukuri, EN Savariar, SY Kim, S Thayumanavan, and TP Russell

Microphase separation in polyelectrolytic diblock copolymer melt: Weak segregation limit, R Kumar and M Muthukumar

Continuum theory of polymer crystallization, A Kundagrami and M Muthukumar

On the kinetics of nanoparticle self-assembly at liquid/liquid interfaces, S Kutuzov, J He, R Tangirala, T Emrick, TP Russell, and A Boker

Polymer surface modification: Topography effects leading to extreme wettability behavior, JA Lee and TJ McCarthy

Impact of surface-modified nanoparticles on glass transition temperature and elastic modulus of polymer thin films, JY Lee, KE Su, EP Chan, QL Zhang, T Ernrick, and AJ Crosby

Failure mechanism of glassy polymer-nanoparticle composites, JY Lee, QL Zhang, JY Wang, T Emrick, and AJ Crosby

Reinforcement of epoxy networks with sulfur- and carbon-based molecular fortifiers, AJ Lesser, K Calzia, and M Junk

Effect of microdomain structure and process conditions on the mechanical Behavior of cylindrical block copolymer systems, M Mamodia, A Panday, SP Gido, and AJ Lesser

Intrinsically conducting polymers and copolymers containing triazole moieties, S Martwiset, RC Woudenberg, S Granados-Focil, O Yavuzcetin, MT Tuominen, and EB Coughlin

Threading synthetic polyelectrolytes through protein pores, RJ Murphy and M Muthukumar

Mechanism of DNA transport through pores, M Muthukumar

Adhesion plaque formation dynamics between polymer vesicles in the limit of highly concentrated binding sites, J Nam and MM Santore

The adhesion kinetics of sticky vesicles in tension: The distinction between spreading and receptor binding, J Nam and MM Santore

Fluorescence lifetimes and correlated photon statistics from single CdSe/oligo(phenylene vinylene) composite nanostructures, MY Odoi, NI Hammer, KT Early, KD McCarthy, R Tangirala, T Emrick, and MD Barnes

Conformal deposition of metal oxide films in supercritical carbon dioxide, A O'Neil and JJ Watkins

Reactive deposition of conformal metal oxide films from supercritical carbon dioxide, A O'Neil and JJ Watkins

Solvent-induced transition from micelles in solution to cylindrical microdomains in diblock copolymer thin films, S Park, JY Wang, B Kim, W Chen, and TP Russell

Soluble camptothecin derivatives prepared by click cycloaddition chemistry on functional aliphatic polyesters, B Parrish and T Emrick

Friction of soft elastomeric surfaces with a defect, CJ Rand and AJ Crosby

Poly(arylate-phosphonate) copolymers with deoxybenzoin in the backbone: synthesis, characterization, and thermal properties, T Ranganathan, BC Ku, J Zilberman, M Beaulieu, RJ Farris, EB Coughlin, and T Emrick

Reactive amphiphilic graft copolymer coatings applied to poly(vinylidene fluoride) ultrafiltration membranes, R Revanur, B McCloskey, K Breitenkamp, BD Freeman, and T Emrick

Orientationally controlled nanoporous cylindrical domains in polystyrene-b-poly(ferrocenylethylmethylsilane) block copolymer films, DA Rider, KA Cavicchi, L Vanderark, TP Russell, and I Manners

Effective interaction parameter for homologous series of deuterated poly styrene-block-poly (n-alkyl methacrylate) copolymers, DY Ryu, C Shin, JH Cho, DH Lee, JK Kim, KA Lavery, and TP Russell

Surface modification with cross-linked random copolymers: Minimum effective thickness, DY Ryu, JY Wang, KA Lavery, E Drockenmuller, SK Satija, CJ Hawker, and TP Russell

Impact of synthetic technique on PLA-PEO-PLA physical hydrogel properties, N Sanabria-DeLong, SK Agrawal, SR Bhatia, and GN Tew

Micrometer scale adhesion on nanometer-scale patchy surfaces: Adhesion rates, adhesion thresholds, and curvature-based selectivity, MM Santore and N Kozlova

Thermotropic liquid crystals of 1H-imidazole amphiphiles showing hexagonal columnar and micellar cubic phases, SH Seo, JH Park, GN Tew, and JY Chang

Study of natural convection in supercritical CO2 cold wall reactors: Simulations and experiments, XY Shan, DP Schmidt, and JJ Watkins

Enhanced mobility of confined polymers, K Shin, S Obukhov, JT Chen, J Huh, Y Hwang, S Mok, P Dobriyal, P Thiyagarajan, and TP Russell

ATRP synthesis of ABC lipophilic-hydrophilic-fluorophilic triblock copolymers, R Shunmugam, CE Smith, and GN Tew

Dialing in color with rare earth metals: facile photoluminescent production of true white light, R Shunmugam and GN Tew

Amphiphilic carborane-containing diblock copolymers, YC Simon, C Ohm, MJ Zimny, and EB Coughlin

Spin system assignment of homo-o-phenylene ethynylene oligomers, MM Slutsky, TV Jones, and GN Tew

Polymer-nanoparticle composites: Preparative methods and electronically active materials, PK Sudeep and T Emrick

Sizing nanoparticle-covered droplets by extrusion through track-etch membranes, R Tangirala, R Revanur, TP Russell, and T Emrick

Mesoporous silica films with long-range order prepared from strongly segregated block copolymer/homopolymer blend templates, VR Tirumala, RA Pai, S Agarwal, JJ Testa, G Bhatnagar, AH Romang, C Chandler, BP Gorman, RL Jones, EK Lin, and JJ Watkins

Surface patterning, IY Tsai, AJ Crosby, and TP Russell

Evaluating environmental stress cracking thresholds by contact angle measurements, PJ Walsh and AJ Lesser

Polymer capture by electro-osmotic flow of oppositely charged nanopores, CTA Wong and M Muthukumar

Intrinsically proton conducting polymers and copolymers containing benzimidazole moieties: Glass transition effects, RC Woudenberg, O Yavuzeetin, MT Tuorninen, and EB Coughlin

Synthetic antimicrobial, oligomers induce a composition-dependent topological transition in membranes, LH Yang, VD Gordon, A Mishra, A Sorn, KR Purdy, MA Davis, GN Tew, and GCL Wong

Analysis of rapid chain dynamics in isochronal dielectric measurements of polymers, YN Yang, WC Lai, and SL Hsu

Spectroscopic analysis of amorphous structure in fluorinated polymers, Y Yang, GL Wu, S Ramalingam, SL Hsu, L Kleiner, and FW Tang

Microstructure analysis of epitaxially grown self-assembled Ge islands on nanometer-scale patterned SiO2/Si substrates by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, TS Yoon, HM Kim, KB Kim, DY Ryu, TP Russell, Z Zhao, J Liu, and YH Xie