Most Recent Additions


A comparison of three queen rearing techniques to improve sustainable small-scale beekeeping in the Northeast US
Hannah R. Whitehead, Ang Roell, Samuel A. Comfort, Bi Kline, and Lynn Adler


Polymer-based Microfluidic Device for On-chip Counter-diffusive Crystallization and In Situ X-ray Crystallography at Room Temperature
Sarthak Saha, Can Özden, Alfred Samkutty, Silvia Russi, Aina Cohen, Margaret M. Stratton, and Sarah L. Perry


Baking in Open: Getting Graduate Students Involved in Open Education
Andrea Kingston, Jennifer Englund, and Katherine Fata


Analysis of Inclusive and Equitable OERs
Elaine Craghead and Rebecca A. Norton


Adjusting the tires: Intentional instructional design alignment for OER
Jess Egan, Joan Giovannini, Kyle Kraus, Marisha Marks, and Kate Richardson


Student Well-Being and Instructor Autonomy: Integrating OERs Into the Classroom
Chelsie McCorkle, Cara Wade, and Elizabeth Kuebler-Wolf Dr.


Gettin’ Hitched: Uniting OER with Course Design
Cory Budden, Donna Maher, Jessica L. Ludders, and Cynthia Young


Access and agency: Evidence and values-based approaches to OER value and impact
Emilia C. Bell, Nikki Andersen, and Adrian Stagg

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