Most Recent Additions


World Librarians Panel: Community Over Commercialization
Theresa Dooley, Charlie Schweik, Mia Klotz, Samantha O'Connor, Sravya Tanikella, and Hari Krishnan


UNCOVER: Illuminating the Early Universe—JWST/NIRSpec Confirmation of z > 12 Galaxies
Sam E. Cutler, John R. Weaver, Katherine E. Whitaker, and et. al.


Cadence (steps/min) and relative intensity in 61 to 85-year-olds: the CADENCE-Adults study
Colleen J. Chase, Zachary R. Gould, Marcos A. Amalbert-Birriel, Stuart R. Chipkin, John Staudenmayer, and et. al.

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