Jul 31st, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM


Entertainment Attendees Judgments of Satisfaction, Quality, and the associated Behavioral Intentions: The Case of Cricket Arena and Ovens Auditorium


This paper assesses the impacts of visitor satisfaction on quality dimensions and future intentions of visitors who attended entertainment shows/events at Ovens Auditorium and/or Cricket Arena, two large entertainment venues. A structural analysis of 8,446 responses obtained from the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority in Charlotte (NC) indicates that visitor satisfaction seems to be a sound predictor of the three quality dimensions (the entertainment offered, the services associated with the venue, and the treatment by staff). The result also supports a strong relationship of satisfaction with future intentions. In addition, the services/areas associated with the venues, one of the quality dimensions, appears to be a strongly associated to future intentions. The findings may contribute to the conceptual development of the existing literature and offer managerial directions in the event and entertainment market.