Jul 31st, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM


Marketing Wine to Millennials


The purpose of this study was to assess Millennials’ habits and preferences for wine as they come of age. This paper focuses on the first and fourth stage of a four-stage study conducted during the spring of 2009. About forty percent of the 104 informants were male and sixty percent were female. All of the informants were college educated and the majority (96%) were Caucasian. Informants completed a marketing survey addressing the purchasing habits, taste preferences including which style of wines respondents prefer; and product cues they use when making selections. Informants also compared four bottles of wine, two pinot noirs and two Rieslings. The packaging for one of each was traditional, the other contemporary. The Millennials in this study preferred red wine reflecting the findings of other studies. They tend to consume wine off premise, and are willing to pay more for wine they give as gifts than for their own consumption. They consume approximately three bottles a month. Millennials were highly influenced by the description of the wine on the label. Wine marketers seeking this generation should focus on providing an interesting assortment of the red wines. Further, the label descriptions should be informative. Millennials prefer traditional packaging for red wine, and contemporary packaging for white.