Jul 29th, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Exploring Food Neophobia and Perceptions of Ethnic Foods: The Case of Chinese and Thai Cuisines


Denver, Colorado USA


This preliminary study explored the application of Pliner and Hobden’s (1992) Food Neophobia Scale (FNS), and the Food Attitudes Scale (FAS) established by Aikman, Crites, and Fabrigar (2006) for measuring perceptions of ethnic cuisines among the college-age population of the upper Midwest. Although the FNS was stable and factored as expected, the FAS was not suitable for evaluating cuisines as a whole instead of specific food items. Additionally, individuals who were highly food neophobic exhibited greater negative attitudes towards Chinese and Thai cuisines. Conversely, individuals who were low on the food neophobic continuum exhibited more positive attitudes towards the cuisines.