Jul 27th, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM


Perceptions of Convention Attendees towards Integrated Resort: A Case Study of Macau


Denver, Colorado USA


Abstract Gaming industry is gaining increasing attention nowadays. More and more countries plan to legalize gambling. Casino operators invest multi millions of dollars when they open integrated resorts. Many integrated resorts target convention and exhibition travelers instead of solely gambling leisure travelers. However, relatively few studies have examined convention attendees. Moreover, no previous research has focused on examining convention attendees’ perceptions towards integrated resort when attending conventions. This study was designed to fill this gap. Integrated resorts in Macau was the case in point for our assessment and data collection. The results indicate that convention attendees tend to have positive attitudes towards shopping facilities. Marketers can emphasize more on shopping facilities within the integrated resorts in order to attract more businesses. In addition, this study assesses the attendees based on nationality. Results indicate that Chinese convention attendees tend to be more positive towards the integrated resort concept when compared to other Asian and Non Asian attendees.