Aug 1st, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM


Examining the Relationship among Tangible, Intangible e-SERVQUAL, Online Customer Satisfaction, and Loyalty


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Following Bitner’s “servicescape” model, this study investigates the role of tangible e-SERVQUAL in enhancing customers’ positive perception of online providers’ services. The effect of tangible e-SERVQUAL on the intangible e-SERVQUAL and the effectiveness of intangible e-SERVQUAL in improving customer satisfaction and loyalty are empirically examined by using data from 468 tourists who have purchased hotel packages during the last six months from the hotel Web sites. This study examines the moderating role of involvement between intangible e-SERVQUAL and customer satisfaction. The results indicate that highly-involved customers show greater satisfaction when the desired level of service is provided.