Jul 29th, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM


Can a Validated Quality Instrument be Developed for Undergraduate Hospitality, Tourism, and Leisure Programs across Boarders?


This study attempted to develop and cross-validate a transnational instrument for measuring the quality of international hospitality, tourism and leisure programs (HTLPs) from academic perspectives. Survey responses from full-time HTLP teachers in Taiwan (N= 430) and the US (N = 303) were used to verify this instrument via exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. The results identified the instrument consisting six quality standards, 12 dimensions, and 62 indicators, with a significantly better fit than other competing models. The six standards, in terms of relative value attached to each of the dimensions, are faculty, administrative management, curriculum and instruction, student achievements, strategic planning, and resources. Theoretical and practical implications are also discussed in the study.