IPY STEM Polar Connections

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Sea level rise and inhabited coastlines. Ice shelves and sea ice do not contribute to sea level but they can buttress the land ice sheets from rapid retreat. Causes of Sea Level Rise:

•Melting of glaciers, ice caps, ice sheets •Thermal expansion of sea water ••Small scale changes due to anthropogenic land water storage (damming rivers, over-pumping of water and fuels, wetland and forest destruction) •Relative changes in sea level due to tectonic movements (land subsidence or rebound)

STEMpermafrost.ppt (8439 kB)
Permafrost overview

methane.avi (30304 kB)
Permafrost methane video

IceSheetsSeaLevelRiseIntro.doc (102 kB)
Introduction for teachers

ModelingThawingPermafrost.doc (80 kB)

SeaLevelRiseGraphsAndMaps.doc (1481 kB)
Sea level rise maps and graphs

SeaLevelRiseVisualization.doc (91 kB)
Visualization of Sea Level Rise activity

ThermalExpansionOfSeaWater.doc (538 kB)
Thermal expansion of water teacher guide

ThermalExpansionExampleData.xls (16 kB)
Thermal expansion sample data

MarthasVineyard.pdf (426 kB)
Martha's Vineyard

FlakeTX.pdf (230 kB)
Flake Texas

CapeHatteras.pdf (439 kB)
Cape Hatteras

BigSur2.pdf (464 kB)
Big Sur