IPY STEM Polar Connections

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These activities help to connect science learning with real world issues through a study of the Antarctic region. By studying the penguins of the South Pole region you can tap students’ interest in a charismatic macrospecies through demonstrating their adaptation to ongoing climate changes and human activity. A number of current research projects at Antarctic research stations can be accessed online and the data used to demonstrate key concepts of feeding behavior, migration, breeding and population dynamics. The attached activity is in three parts and includes one hands-on demonstration, several mapping exercises and some data interpretation. These activities also provide a cross-disciplinary focus as they connect well with mapping, social studies, environmental studies and math disciplines.

Penguin Activity.doc (272 kB)
Penguin activity student pages

ConstibleSandroLee07_TST.pdf (476 kB)
Environmental changes and their impact on penguin communities

Sea ice extent chart.doc (78 kB)
Recent sea ice extent

Winter Migration of Magellanic Penguins From the Southernmost.ppt (2297 kB)
Winter Migration of Magellanic Penguins

Penguins PP.ppt (5454 kB)
Life in the Polar Regions

Adelie Penguin Migration Maps.doc (1201 kB)
Adele penguin migration maps

Antarctic Map - habitat activity.doc (1646 kB)
Antarctic map for habitat activity

Antarctica-Wenscho.pdf (1070 kB)
Ice Defn.doc (918 kB)
Sea ice definitions