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An activity that makes a nanoscale film of oleic acid on water. The student will

  • Learn about Ben Franklin’s observations of a thin film that had a nanoscale dimension.

  • Create a very thin film with a very dilute solution of oleic acid.

  • Use data you collect to determine if you made a thin film with a nanoscale dimension that formed on the surface of water.

  • Learn about the molecular interactions that resulted in the formation of the thin film.

  • Be introduced to the Big Ideas of Nanoscale Self-Assembly

OleicAcidActivity2015.doc (242 kB)
Student Activity Sheet

OleicAcidGuide2015.doc (69 kB)
Teacher Guide

OleicAcidCalculations2015.doc (40 kB)
Sample Calculations

OleicAcidWorksheet2015.doc (49 kB)
Thin Film Calculation Worksheet