“Science may be described as the attempt to give good accounts of the patterns in nature. The result of scientific investigation is an understanding of natural processes.... Overall, the key criterion of science is that it provides a clear, rational, and succinct account of a pattern in nature....” Massachusetts State Frameworks for Science and Technology."

This program was a broader impact component of UMass Physics Professor Benjamin Davidovitch's CAREER grant. It included 2 day summer institutes and half day Science and Engineering Saturday Seminars. The staff included Narayanan Menon, UMass Physics; Jennifer Welborn, Amherst Regional Middle School; Wayne Kermenski, Hawlemont Regional School.


Submissions from 2017


Overview, Benjamin Davidovitch, Narayanan Menon, Jennifer Welborn, and Wayne Kermenski


Wrinkling of a floating sheet, Narayanan Menon


Branching in Nature, Jennifer Welborn and Wayne Kermenski


Investigating Patterns Using Analyzing Digital Images (ADI) Software, Jennifer Welborn and Wayne Kermenski


Wrinkling in Nature, Jennifer Welborn and Wayne Kermenski

Submissions from 2016


Patterns Around Us Presentation, Benny Davidovitch

Submissions from 2014


Wrinkling in Buckling and a Thin Sheet, Narayanan Menon