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This is a FREE two-day program designed for Middle and High School General Science, Biology, Physics, Technology/Engineering teachers. It is funded by the National Science Foundation.Space is limited, so apply soon! Some limited funding is available for overnight stay.

“Science may be described as the attempt to give good accounts of the patterns in nature. The result of scientific investigation is an understanding of natural processes.... Overall, the key criterion of science is that it provides a clear, rational, and succinct account of a pattern in nature....” Massachusetts State Frameworks for Science and Technology.

Participants will explore the processes of pattern formation in biological and physical systems, and learn how to recognise, analyse and predict (RAP) patterns based on this understanding.

The instructional leaders will include Prof. Benjamin Davidovitch, UMass Physics; Prof. Narayanan Menon, UMass Physics; Jennifer Welborn, Amherst Regional Middle School; Wayne Kermenski, Marlboro Elementary School

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