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Your generation has been handed an opportunity: the opportunity to change the story of our culture from one of blind consumption to one of conscious ecological living. As individuals, as a society and as a species, we are facing challenges related to sustainability including economic stability, social justice, resource depletion and waste management, biodiversity preservation, climate adaptation and food and agricultural resilience. In this interdisciplinary course you will learn how to seize this opportunity by working with your peers to research and understand how sustainability in different contexts presents solutions to many of these challenges facing modern society. “Sustainable Living” will provide a lens from which you can critically examine the events, patterns, systems and paradigms that shape our society and our experience as individuals living within it. You will learn to identify and practice applying sustainable solutions to the individual and societal challenges we uncover throughout the semester. You will work in teams to investigate and reflect on the multifaceted challenges associated with our systems of waste, water, transportation, food & agriculture, resource consumption, energy and climate change. You will also research case studies, debate controversies, assess political and cultural contexts, investigate technological advances, and identify gaps in scientific knowledge. Using these resources, you will be tasked with developing your own sustainable solutions for the 21st century.

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