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This is a two-semester, eight-credit Communication Honors Thesis Seminar focusing on the ways we create and reflect meanings made about food. The seminar delves into the material and social meanings of food and implications for identity, culture and social justice. Students will have the opportunity to research food in the context of the meanings made about it in various institutions, businesses, nonprofit organizations, neighborhoods, cultures and communities. The first semester HONORS 499 CL (Fall 2020) will 1) introduce students to food as a vehicle through which society and social life is communicated; 2) introduce methods and tools for conducting survey based and qualitative community-based research and 3) introduce potential projects for student theses. Each student will develop a proposal to conduct a research project based on their interests, abilities and relevance to community needs. The second semester HONORS 499 DL (Spring 2021) will be devoted to the analysis of data and completion of your individual research projects. All research projects, upon completion, should be suitable for conference presentation and an archivable Honors Thesis

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