The Earth

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The Earth is a 4-credit introduction to the Geosciences. This course is required for several majors in the College of Natural Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. These majors include Earth Systems, Environmental Science, and Geology. The course also fulfills a 4-credit Physical Science (PS) General Education requirement and may be an elective science course in a number of other majors. Our goal in Geology 101 is to provide a basic knowledge of how the Earth works, the role of the geologist in contemporary society, and the application of geologic knowledge in solving real world problems. These are broad themes that reflect the spirit and value of the general education curriculum that is part of your UMass experience. You should leave this course with greater understanding about the age and composition of the Earth, environments in which different rocks are found, processes that shape our landscape, and how these influence and shape our lives. You have enrolled in a course designed to inform you about the features and functions of our planet. You can expect to become better at observing the world around you, at understanding of geological processes that shape our landscapes, at applying logic to natural phenomena, and at recognizing that geologic processes, resources, and hazards greatly influence human society.

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