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This was the first sustainability plan published at UMass Amherst. Author was Brian Fitzpatrick, the Director of Environmental, Health & Safety at the time in 2005. Final Location for publication is on the UMass Amherst Facilities Planning website:


This document is arranged in accordance with the guidelines specified in the Agency Sustainability Planning and Implementation Guide for the Massachusetts State Sustainability Program. The State Sustainability Program was established in July 2002 by Executive Order No. 438, which requires state agencies to “work diligently and expeditiously to develop and implement policies and procedures to promote environmentally sustainable practices.” The University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMA) is in the unique position to educate the next generation of the professional workforce in sustainable practices. The University feels that it is important for us to first have a firm understanding of sustainable development in the workplace in order to educate future inhabitants of the workforce. For this reason the University has embraced the idea of sustainability planning and has established this document to detail University information, long term goals, short term actions, management systems, and tracking progress.



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