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In 2012 UMass Amherst applied to the Bicycle Friendly University rating system. The review committee was impressed with the growing commitment to make the University of Massachusetts at Amherst a great place for bicyclists. The Honorable Mention given by the reviewers reflects their view that some of the key building blocks of creating a Bicycle Friendly University are in place, but that some measures remain to be done. Highlights of the application includes the Bike Share program; the bike parking policy; students are allowed to park their bikes in their dorm rooms; on and off road cycling facilities; Share the Road signs; annual cyclocross tournament; bike rental; and the bike co-op. Reviewers were very pleased to see the current efforts and dedication to promote cycling for transportation and recreation. In this feedback report, reviewers provided key recommendations to further promote bicycling at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a menu of additional pro-cycling measures that can be implemented in the short and long term. BFU strongly encourage UMass Amherst to use this feedback to build on your momentum and improve your campus for cyclists. There may also be initiatives, programs, and facilities that are not mentioned here that would benefit your bicycling culture, so please continue to try new things to increase your ridership, safety, and awareness!



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