UMass Amherst Continuous Commissioning Proposal: Potential Costs, Cost Savings and Required Resources

Katrina M. Spade, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Jason Burbank, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Katherine McCusker, University of Massachusetts - Amherst


The UMass Amherst Continuous Commissioning Proposal was prepared by Physical Plant and Facilities Planning staff under the supervision of Pat Daly, Director of Physical Plant. It outlines a targeted approach for improving the performance and efficiency of existing buildings on campus. The goal of the proposal is to reduce unnecessary energy use on campus by systematically checking and adjusting controls and systems to optimize their efficiency, as well as ensuring that buildings satisfy their programmatic needs.

The proposal recognizes the great potential for reducing the energy costs and carbon footprint of our existing buildings, as well as the need for improvements in occupant comfort and indoor air quality. To that end, the goals of the UMass Commissioning-Commissioning Plan are energy cost savings, improved occupant comfort, and reductions in GHG emissions.

Initial estimates suggest that the payback for implementing the UMass Amherst Continuous Commissioning Plan will be approximately 3 years. (See page 19 for details on the estimated simple payback.)