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The way I express my emotions and deep feelings are through movement so when I thought about how I could convey my appreciation for our environment, I knew I would dance. I wanted my piece to be filled with light, air and earth as a way to show the beauty we are surrounded with and often take for granted. This past year, I developed a deeper understanding of how our human choices have been negatively affecting the environment and it has awakened and disappointed me. I could have made a dance about the anger I felt; I was planning on it at first, but instead I decided to take a different route. I took the route of co-existing with our Earth and showing that sustainability happens when we work with what we have, rather than against it. I want to inspire a connection within ourselves and the environment. Let’s find where our feet can wander freely in the dirt, where our bodies can sway with the wind, and where our souls can explore but respect the ecosystem, we are living in. We should not give up or wait until we find a perfect place over the rainbow, because all of us here right now, can make a difference. My hope is that through my piece, we will all go in search of that deeper connection because in order to see the change externally, we have to find it internally.

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Creative Commons License
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