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Sustainability can never only be an individual choice, it is intrinsically tied to the environment we operate inside of. The violence of our institutions always, always seeps into the (sustainable) choices we (try to) make.

Thinking of sustainability reminded me of helplessness before anything else.

Wall-E is one of my favorite movies. Wall-E, holding the plant with so much wonder and care has always been crazy to me. I imagine that’s what it’s like when you have so little of something left. So, I wanted to explore the idea of abundance with Wall-E. The fact that we have so many plants (I think Wall-E would’ve malfunctioned from trying to save them all), so many things to save! (all with sustainable choices... but also, it isn’t as easy as making a choice)

Kashmir (my home) is deeply and violently occupied. In the video, when I say “how do I begin to save it all?'', I'm referring to trying to live sustainably, trying to do something for the environment when you have no state autonomy and have other, more important priorities like surviving.

I do whatever I can, even when it is exhausting, even when I feel helpless.

I made this art/video to remind myself how badly I've wanted to hold this earth and save its bits. I made this video because I'd like to think that I've begun.

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Creative Commons License
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