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Aims & Scope

Translat Library is led by members of research group Narpan and stems from their experience of having compiled a catalogue of medieval Catalan translations. When the census of translations for the database Translat DB was complete, its editors, Lluís Cabré and Montserrat Ferrer, realized that the effort necessary to carry out a large research project, involving many works and authors, can often prevent the publication of relevant findings on particular texts. Once identified, even the most important unpublished work can remain neglected for a long time before a monograph brings it to light.

Translat Library aims to offer a venue for research based on archival and documentary work. Inspired in the sections of notes and manuscript excerpts that were common in nineteenth-century journals, Translat Library seeks to publish short articles documenting a discovery, including the identification of a manuscript or an incunable, the source of a text, archival information on an author or a work, the paratexts of a rare edition, the complete or excerpted edition of an unpublished text, and notes on marginalia or on a published but neglected work.

Translat: 'copy,' 'translation' (Diccionari català-valencià-balear, s.v. "trasllat" at DCVB)