Marginalia e versi inediti su un incunabolo dei Furs de València (1482) // Marginalia and Unpublished Verses in an Incunable of the Furs de València (1482)




Baptista Factor, Cancionero Poetry, Sixteenth-Century Catalan Poetry, Montserrat Rosselló, Juridical Marginalia, Furs de València.


This article offers an overall description of a 1482 incunabulum of the Furs de València held at the Biblioteca Universitaria di Cagliari (Inc. 71). The book is full of juridical marginalia. Particular attention is paid to its provenance. Jurist Baptista Factor is identified afresh as one of its owners (c. 1547-1576) before the volume travelled to Sardinia. Both marginalia (in Latin and Catalan) and four hitherto unknown poems (three in Catalan and one in Spanish) that were copied on blank leaves are briefly discussed. A tentative edition of the poems is provided in appendix.

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