“Gardaz vostre garnir”: Garin Lo Brun’s El termini d’estiu and the Composition of the Obscene Mini-Anthology of Songbook G




old Occitan lyric, troubadour poetry in Italy, parody, coblas, ensenhamens


In this note, the author demonstrates that, although the ensenhamen of Garin lo Brun serves as a metrical and formal model for the anonymous obscene cobla “De bona domna voill,” it is also parodied by another cobla in the same anthology of parodic and scatological coblas contained in songbook G. While scholars have studied coblas of this anthology individually, there is much that can be learned about the cultural and literary importance of this small grouping of texts when they are studied as a whole. While it is impossible to prove common authorship for all the cobla-texts of the anthology, the many shared features suggest a consolidated practice of parody of canonical troubadour models.

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