En el origen y la difusión europea del Te Lutherum damnamus, parodia antiluterana de la primera mitad del siglo XVI // The Origin and European Dissemination of Te Lutherum damnamus, an Anti-Lutheran Parody from the First Half of the Sixteenth Century




Te Deum laudamus; Te Lutherum damnamus; Sacred Parody; contrafacta; Luther; Monastery of San Juan de Burgos.


This paper traces the history of an anti-Lutheran parody of the Te Deum laudamus hymn, which could have been composed a few years before 1530, probably in Italy, and which had a wide diffusion throughout Europe. A hitherto unknown testimony, preserved in the Archivo Municipal de Burgos, is disclosed, and the two main versions of the text, which circulated in handwritten and printed form, are edited and reconstructed.

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