¿Una Dafne mirrina? Apuntes para una trama textual ovidiana hoy perdida // A Myrrhy Daphne? Notes on a Lost Ovidian Textual Weft




Metamorphoses; Transformacions; Francesc Alegre; Lamentacions; Joan Roís de Corella; Francesc de Pinós


This article compares three passages of two Catalan recreations of Ovid’s Metamorphoses dating to the fifteenth century: the translation Transformacions by Francesc Alegre and the Lamentacions by Joan Roís de Corella. Our comparison allows us to propose the hypothetical reconstruction of a third text, now lost, from which some of these common passages could have derived. Our comparison of these passages also helps us reflect on the importance of the Transformacions for the study of the textual transmission of Corella’s Lamentacions. Last, we suggest that remnants of that third text may also be found in Joanot Martorell’s Tirant lo Blanc.

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