The Academic Paper Co-Chairs, Drs. Jonathon Day and Laurent Bourdeau, invite academic submissions in English or French for the 2017 Annual International Conference of the Travel and Tourism Research Association.

Join us in Quebec City, described by Travel and Leisure as Canada’s top city, to share cutting edge tourism research. We’ll explore how destinations are embracing creative industries, adopting “smart” strategies and implementing programs to ensure sustainable development and improved quality of life – for visitors and residents. We’ll look at the impact of technology on consumers and the destinations they visit. From the growing influence of mobile technologies to augmented reality, technology is changing the way destinations connect with residents and consumers. And we’ll examine the newest research on consumer behavior and marketplace trends. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to this important forum.

The central theme of the conference is “Exploring aTTRActive Destinations.” Both conceptual and empirical papers are encouraged relating to the broadly defined sub-themes:

  • Creative, Smart and Sustainable Destinations
  • Disruptive Technology and Radical Innovation
  • New insights on consumer behavior
While authors are encouraged to submit articles addressing these themes, any papers related to current issues in tourism or tourism research will be considered. We welcome articles using quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods approaches.

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Qualitative Research Methods Workshop – Methods Papers
Graduate Student Colloquium
Ideas Fair (Visual Papers)
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