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Prof Berendien Lubbe

Berendien is Head of Division: Tourism Management at the University of Pretoria. She holds a Ph.D Communication Management. Her research in the tourism field covers topics such as tourism competitiveness, air transport, eTourism and business travel. She is a National Research Foundation-rated researcher and has published her research in highly rated journals.

Dr Anneli Douglas

Anneli is a senior lecturer in the Divison: Tourism Management at the University of Pretoria. She specialises in tourism distribution and more specifically business and corporate travel. She holds a Doctorate in Tourism Management. Anneli has a keen interest in developing the field of business and corporate travel. Her research has been published in internationally accredited scientific journals, and she has delivered papers at international academic conferences.

Dr Elizabeth Anne du Preez

Elizabeth Ann du Preez (PhD) currently fulfils the position of senior lecturer in the Division Tourism Management, University of Pretoria. She supervises students at honours, Masters and Doctoral level. Areas of interest include sports tourism and destination marketing. Her doctoral study focused on environmentally responsible behaviour of sport event spectators. Publications include accredited journal articles and conference papers.

Prof Felicite Fairer-Wessels

Felicite holds a PhD in Information Science and is an Associate Professor in the Division Tourism Management, University of Pretoria where she teaches at postgraduate level and supervises Masters and Doctoral students. Her research is focusing increasingly on eco-tourism management and she has produced scientific articles in highly-rated and accredited journals.

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Does one size fit all? Using the same Memorable Tourist Experience (MTE) Scale to measure MTEs across divergent major tourist attractions