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A Comparative Analysis on Forest Recreation and Tourism Policy Development Processes in the three East Asian Countries: China, Japan and Republic of Korea

Gayoung Choi Ph.D candidate, Seoul National University
Seong-il Kim Professor, Seoul National University

A Literature Review of Ecotourism Carrying Capacity Measurements: Initial Findings

Claire Villanueva, Iloilo City, Philippines


Yawei Jiang, The University of Queensland, Australia
Brent W. Ritchie, The University of Queensland, Australia
Martie-Louise Verreynne, The University of Queensland, Australia

Conceptualising Adventure Tourism from a Consumer Perspective

Ingo Janowski, Griffith University - Australia
Ina Reichenberger, Victoria University of Wellington

Defining sustainable tourism: a social constructionist view

Shweta Singh, Purdue University
Filza Armadita, Purdue University
Jonathon Day, Purdue University - Main Campus
Laura Mandala, Mandala Research

Exploring the role of conferences in industry-academia collaborations

Wanxin Chen

Forecasting camping tourism demand in America’s national parks using a machine learning approach

William L. Rice, The Pennsylvania State University
So Young Park, The Pennsylvania State University
Bing Pan, The Pennsylvania State University
Peter B. Newman, The Pennsylvania State University

Live-streaming tourism experience: a case study of Melbourne remote control tourist

Zhiming Deng

Model of Binning Behaviour: Assessing cognitive and normative influence in the national park context

KOUROSH (Korey) Esfandiar, Edith Cowan University, Joondalup, Australia

Picking Pumpkins, Changing Behaviors: How Agritourism can Influence Consumer Behavior towards Local Foods

Sara Brune, North Carolina State University
Whitney Knollenberg, North Carolina State University
Kathryn Stevenson, North Carolina State University
Carla Barbieri, North Carolina State University

Self-Congruity: A Resident's Perspective

Casey Moran
Evan Jordan

Technology Use of Seniors on Their Travel Experience and Quality of Life

Weixuan Wang

The Role of Social Emotion in Resident Support for Sustainable Heritage Tourism Development: A Social Dilemma Perspective

Danni Zheng

The role of social interaction in the co-creation of tourist experiences:A literature review

Xing Han, Otaru University of Commerce
Carolus L. C. Praet, Otaru University of Commerce
Liyong Wang Ph.D., Otaru University of Commerce

Usage of social media to track tourist origin and spatial movement during 2017 Solar Eclipse

Shihan Ma, University of Florida

Vortex Tourism: Research using a mixed method approach

Kim Pham
Christine Vogt, Arizona State University
Kathleen Andereck, Arizona State University