Collection of TTRA 2020 Research Papers and Abstracts - 51st Annual Travel and Tourism Research Association International Conference

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, the 2020 TTRA conference was not able to be held as planned in June. As a research association, making such knowledge accessible is key to who we are. As such, TTRA wishes to acknowledge and disseminate the important research by publishing a collection of TTRA 2020 Research Papers and Abstracts.

As your Academic Co-Chairs of the 51st TTRA Annual Conference, we had different plans, visions, and expectations for the conference however, COVID-19 happened. The conference theme aligns with how we will move forward - exploring the issues critical to the future of travel research: 20/20 Vision: Looking Forward, Looking Back.

The "Setting the Research Agenda" sessions organized at the Melbourne TTRA 2019 conference helped shape several priority areas of the 2020 TTRA Conference, and this collection includes many submissions that address the guiding sub-themes that emerged from Melbourne last year:

  • Climate Change and the Regenerative Economy
    • Transitions for climate change and tourism
  • Business, Employment, and Supply
    • Workforce development policies for the future
    • Unpacking issues of representation, diversity and inclusion in the toursim industry
  • Measurement of 'Success' in Tourism
    • Taking a holistic perspective to KPIs, beyond simply numerical counts
  • People-Centered Tourism
    • First-Nations-Control of identity, culture, heritage, land, governance and future
    • Community Tourism-Resilience, participation, self-reliance social justice
    • Inclusivity and tourism
  • Tourism, Happiness, Health and Wellness
    • Technology and Well-being

While we know that this collection cannot replace the enjoyment of reconnecting, learning, and sharing with each other in person, our hope is that the research presented in this collection will help in fostering an equitable landscape for post COVID-19 travel and tourism. Please visit the COVID-19 Travel and Tourism Research Resources.

Dr. Cody Morris Paris and Dr. Stefanie Benjamin
Academic Co-Chairs of the 51st TTRA Annual Conference

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