Collection of TTRA 2021 Research Papers and Abstracts - 51st Annual Travel and Tourism Research Association International Conference

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The Academic Co-Chairs of the 51st TTRA Annual Conference, Drs. Bing Pan, Svetlana Stepchenkova, and Statia Elliot present papers and abstracts from the TTRA 2021 Annual Conference, June 14-16, 2021 (online). The conference theme is Uncharted Territory: Reimagining Tourism in a New Era and focuses on reimagining a more sustainable and equitable future for tourism, post the pandemic.

The “Setting the Research Agenda” sessions at the Melbourne TTRA 2019 conference and our research community’s need to address the reimagining of travel and tourism post-pandemic helped shape priority areas for the 2021 TTRA Conference. Papers and abstracts address the sub-themes below.

  • The Regenerative Economy and Climate Change
    • Future transitions for climate change and tourism
  • Reimaging Tourism Employment and Supply
    • Workforce development policies for the future
    • Unpacking issues of representation, diversity, and inclusion in the tourism industry
  • Remeasuring ‘Success’ in Tourism
    • Taking a holistic perspective to key performance indicators, beyond simple numerical counts
  •  People-Centered Tourism
    • Indigenous people and the control of identity, culture, heritage, land, governance, and future
    • Community tourism: resilience, participation, self-reliance, and social justice
  • Data-Intensive Research
    • Data mining, machine learning, network analysis, and artificial intelligence
  • COVID-19 Lessons and Recovery
    • Recovery strategies and new opportunities
  • Tourism, Happiness, Health, and Wellness

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Research Papers
Qualitative Research Workshop
Graduate Student Colloquium