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Bandwagoners or snobs? Developing the conspicuous consumption motivation scale

Zachary A. Russell, University of Georgia
B. Bynum Boley, University of Georgia
Kyle Woosnam, University of Georgia
W Keith Campbell, University of Georgia

Connecting Tourism Development and Ecological Restoration Synergies with Bordering Processes at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Connor Clark
Gyan Nyaupane, Arizona State University

Developing and Testing School Student Educational Tourism Experience Scale

Ruiping Ren, Indiana University - Bloomington
Joseph Chen, Indiana University - Bloomington

‘Experiences of front desk workers on board cruise ships’

Miriam Heinrich, University of Brighton

Exploring tourists’ slow food experience: perspectives from slow tourism

Ting-Yen (Tim) Huang, Indiana University - Bloomington
Evan J. Jordan, Indiana University - Bloomington

Fake it to make it: Exploring Instagram users’ engagement with virtual influencers in tourism

Li Xie-Carson, The University of Queensland, Australia
Pierre Benckendorff, The University of Queensland, Australia
Karen Hughes, The University of Queensland, Australia

Hiking and digital innovation: Analysis strategies for tourist destinations management

Claire CRUBLET, VIPS² Laboratory, University of Rennes 2, France
Elodie PAGET, VIPS² Laboratory, University of Rennes 2, France
Frederic DIMANCHE, Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Implementing Sustainable Tourism: The Case of Fair Tourism in Korea

Seungah Chung, Purdue University
Jonathon G. Day, Purdue University

Overtourism: Sustainable Tourism Plan and Stakeholder Involvement

Kim Pham
Christine Vogt, Arizona State University
Kathleen Andereck, Arizona State University

Psychological Empowerment in Community-Based Tourism: a case study of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Filza Armadita, Purdue University
Jonathon Day, Purdue University

Segmentation of P2P Accommodation Guests based on Their Experiences of Host Territoriality

Yuan Wang, East China Normal University
Jing Wu, East China Normal University

The Impact of National Differences on Government Response to COVID-19 and Hotel RevPAR

Swechchha n. Subedi, University of South Carolina - Columbia
Marketa Kubickova, University of South Carolina - Columbia

The role of context in destination image formation: Craft beverage tourism in Ica (Peru)

Claudia Gil Arroyo, North Carolina State University
Whitney Knollenberg, North Carolina State University
Carla Barbieri, North Carolina State University
Carol Kline, Appalachian State University

Tourism Destination Governance: A Systematic Literature Review and Future Research Agenda

Huiying Zhang, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Xi Y. Leung, University of North Texas
Billy Bai, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Trust Building for Autonomous Service Robots in Hotels

Boyu Lin, Arizona State University
Woojin Lee, Arizona State University

Understanding tourist willingness to donate using the Protection Motivation Theory

Leah Nganga Miss, Texas A & M University - College Station
Omar Youssef Mr, Texas A & M University - College Station
Courtney Raeisinafchi Dr, Texas A & M University - College Station


Elecia Bethune, Bournemouth University
D Dimitrios Buhalis Prof, Bournemouth University
Lee Miles Prof, Bournemouth University

What Does the Landscape of Tourist Safety Videos on Social Media Look Like? Exploring the Presence of Tourist Safety Videos on YouTube

Seonjin Lee, Pusan National University
Yaqi Gong, The Pennsylvania State University
Hany Kim, Pusan National University
Ashley Schroeder, The Pennsylvania State University