Author Bios (50 Words)

1. Author 1 (Corresponding author):

Xuan V. Tran, Ph.D., M.B.A., C.H.A.

Associate Professor of Hospitality, Recreation, and Resort Management

The University of West Florida

11000 University Parkway, Building 85, Room 115

Pensacola, FL. 32514, USA.

Tel: 850-474-2599

Fax: 850-474-2106


Dr. Tran is interested in applications of microeconomic and consumer behavior as they relates to tourism and hospitality.

2. Author 2:

Bao Le Nguyen Vice Provost, Duy Tan University K7/25 Quang Trung, 6th Flr. Da Nang, Vietnam Tel.: (84) (511) 3-650-403 or (84) (903) 569-338 Email:

Nguyen-Bao Le is the Vice Provost of Duy Tan University. He is in charge of the Technology & Science division as well as the R&D Institute of DTU. His educational background is in both Business Administration and Computer Science. His interests are in pedagogical surveying and development as well as big data processing.

3. Author 3:

Nguyen Cong Minh Hospitality & Tourism Faculty Duy Tan University 182 Nguyen Van Linh, Da Nang, Viet Nam Cellphone: +84 905200252 Email:

Minh Nguyen is the Dean of the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism at Duy Tan University in Da Nang, Vietnam. His faculty has the most number of Hospitality and Tourism students in the Central of Vietnam, if not of the whole South Vietnam. Minh Nguyen is also one of the leading figures which help with the promotion of tourism of Da Nang, which is widely considered as “the next Hawaii” in the world. The specialty of Minh Nguyen is in the fields of Economics and Hospitality Finance. He also gives lectures in International Finance and Service Management.



Effects of the Big Five Personality Traits on Recreation Types - The Case of Vietnam Tourism