Author Bios (50 Words for each Author)

Katie Swanson is a researcher at Manchester Business School. Her research interests include tourists’ relationships with places and their brands. Prior to joining Manchester Business School, she worked in industry positions, most recently for The Walt Disney Company.

Dominic Medway is Professor of Marketing and Head of the Marketing, Operations Management and Service Systems Division at Manchester Business School. His key research interests lie in the areas of Place Marketing and Branding and Retailing. His work is published in a range of academic journals in management and geography.

Gary Warnaby is Professor of Marketing in the School of Materials at the University of Manchester. His research interests focus on the marketing of places, and he has been researching issues relating to this area since the mid-1990s. Results of this research have been published in various academic journals in both the management and geography disciplines.



How to capture tourists’ love for a place: methodological and technological solutions