TTRA APac Chapter 2018 Annual Conference

TTRA APac Chapter 2018 Annual Conference


TTRA Asia Pacific Chapter invites you to our 6th annual conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from 1 to 3 December 2018! Our host for this year’s edition of the conference is RMIT Vietnam presenting the conference theme: “Travel and Tourism Research in the Global South: Advancing through Co-operation and Collaboration”.

As a Chapter of TTRA International, the Asia Pacific Chapter is aligned with the key mandate of facilitating research opportunities to help link end-users of tourism and travel across borders. This year, we orientate ourselves towards the Global South, a region experiencing significant growth in tourism, and warranting the need for research to assist with informed decision-making. In conjunction with our Global South membership category, we invite submissions that will advance travel and tourism research in partnership with the Global South. Papers will serve as beacons to pioneer collaborative spaces, though not limited to:

  • Advancing sustainable tourism in the dynamics of the Global South
  • Co-creating knowledge using the Triple Helix (academic, industry and government) model
  • Discussing impacts of the sharing economy and disruptors (OTAs/AirBnB/Grab/Uber) on tourism
  • Diversifying mediatised tourism spaces
  • Emerging products and markets
  • Engaging with volunteer and philanthropic tourism
  • Evolving workforce in the contemporary world
  • Illuminating Indigenous tourism from emic and etic perspectives
  • Showcasing inclusive research practices in gender and tourism
  • Understanding risk and resilience in Global South tourism communities
  • Unpacking innovation and entrepreneurship practices

Call For Papers:
Extended dateline for submission of abstracts (up to 750 words): 31 August 2018
Deadline for submission of full papers (up to 5000 words): 31 October 2018

Please click here to submit.