TTRA Canada 2023 Conference

Author Bio

Kelley A. McClinchey has a PhD in human geography and is a Contract Teaching Faculty in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her interests are in media/literary narratives, sensuous geographies and place-making, immigration and multiculturalism, sustainability, and the colonial and imperial legacies of development in the Caribbean, including tourism. She has published work in academic journals, edited books, and in online news media. A self-proclaimed flâneur, Kelley loves to hike wild trails, stroll city streets, and sit at cafes wondering about changing heritage landscapes.


This research investigates the traveller/tourist dichotomy through a discourse analysis of online blogs and travel writing in the context of pandemic-era overtourism. Results indicate that travellers/tourists are perceived in ways that validate one over the other, yet both are intricately weaved within the neocolonial structures of tourism, grounded in imperialism and the power dynamics visitors have on a place.


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