TTRA Canada 2023 Conference

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Dr. Julie Kellershohn is an Assistant Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Her research specializes in consumer decision-making and the impact of marketing and technology in the Foodservice Industry. She focuses on Away-From-Home food and beverage consumption, including Quick Service, Casual, and Full-Service Restaurants.

Wayne W. Smith is a Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Toronto Metropolitan University. His research focuses on tourism policy, consumer psychology and tourism pedagogy. He currently serves on the boards of TTRA Canada and ISTTE.

Stephen W. Litvin is a professor of Hospitality & Tourism Management in the School of Business, College of Charleston. Steve received his DBA in International Commerce from the University of South Australia. His primary research interests relate to tourism’s economic and cultural impacts upon communities, tourism consumer behavior and the politics of tourism.

Robert E. Frash recently retired after 30 years in food service, and 20 years in academia. He continues his research as Professor Emeritus at the College of Charleston in the USA.


This study, utilizing qualitative analyses, evaluates the effectiveness of Canadian government policies and subsidies in providing relief to the restaurant industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Insights into the effectiveness of support measures (mandatory closures, wage subsidies, rent relief, and business continuity support) and recommendations for future policymaking are provided.

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