TTRA Canada 2023 Conference

Author Bio

Scott Peters is a PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University in the Human Geography Department. His research focuses on the intersection of Big Data and Technological applications for planning and management in the tourism sector with a focus on crisis and resilience. He completed his MSc in International Tourism Development at the University of Surrey where he worked on sustainability monitoring and indicator selection procedures.

Peter Keller is a Professor of Geography at Simon Fraser University. His area of scholarship is in spatial decision support and spatial analysis with applications of innovative data usage and their analyses and visualization ranging widely, including public health and tourism studies. He has held a number of administrative leadership roles in academia and professional societies including Dean of Social Sciences at UVic, and Provost of Simon Fraser.


The rhetoric surrounding data in tourism studies has undergone a shift from that of data scarcity to that of superabundance, but how does this actually play out with stakeholders on the ground? This paper explores the application of ‘datascapes’ to get a better understanding of data applications for tourism stakeholders.

Current Data problems v2.png (1656 kB)
Breakdown of current data problems by subtype


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