TTRA Canada 2023 Conference

Author Bio

Debbie Olotu is pursuing a Master's degree in Kinesiology and Recreation Management at the University of Manitoba. She has a strong passion for the tourism sector and is focused on exploring new perspectives and advancing knowledge in the areas of festival, events and travel management. Debbie actively engages in research to provide valuable insights into tourism-related topics with a commitment to contribute to the improvement of tourism development and management practices.

Dr. Van Winkle is passionate about the role of festivals, parks, museums and interpretative centres in our community. Throughout her career as a researcher, she has dedicated her efforts to exploring visitors' experiences within these tourism and leisure settings. Dr. Van Winkle is currently leading a funded research project focused on festivals' contribution to disaster recovery.


This research provides insight into emergency preparedness and Management at Festivals. The study aims to enhance practice, advance theory and contribute to safe and secure event management, reducing risks for communities and event attendees. By using a service-dominant logic (SDL) framework, the study provided insight into the role of a festival stakeholder group, volunteers, and their contributions to emergency management.


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