Spring 1959

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Editor: Douglas T. Hawes
Advisor: Eliot C. Roberts

To form a bond of common interest between the Turf Management Club, the alumni of Stockbridge and Winter School Turf majors, and all interested friends of the University of Massachusetts Turf Program.


  1. Seed testing - A Service for You by Miss Jessie L. Anderson (page 1)
  2. Increased Interest in Two-Year Turf Course by Fred P. Jeffrey - Director of Stockbridge (4)
  3. From the Editor (4)
  4. Message From Winter School President of 1959 (5)
  5. Turf club News (6)
  6. Number One Graduate (8)
  7. Liquid Fertilization by A.B. Longo (9)
  8. Public School Grounds by James Woodhouse (12)
  9. Comments on the 1959 Winter School (14)
  10. Picture - Stockbridge Turf Majors (16)
  11. Picture - Honorary Members of Turf Management Club (17)
  12. Letter on Chemical Compatibility (18)
  13. The Most Outstanding Turf Senior for 1958 (19)
  14. What it Means to be a Turf Manager by R. Russell (20)
  15. 10 Steps to a Better Lawn by P. Pedrazzi (24)
  16. A Scene to Remember (25)
  17. I switched from Hots to Cools by J. Spodnik (26)
  18. Why Attend Turfgrass Conferences (27)
  19. Picture - Winter School for Turf Managers - 1959 (29)
  20. Picture - University of Masssachusetts Annual Turfgrass Conference (30)
  21. Organic Fertilizers by O.J. Noer (A-1)
  22. Inorganic Fertilizers by Charles Winchell (A-1)
  23. Urea Formaldehyde by G.F. Stewart (A-2)
  24. Phosphorus and Potash Fertilization by Raph Donaldson (A-3)
  25. Questions on Fertilization to the Panel (A-4)
  26. Cemetery Maintenance by S.E. Robbins (A-6)
  27. Lime by Anson Brewer (A-6)
  28. Limited Budgets by R.W. Sharkey (A-7)
  29. Fertilization of Park Turf by E.J. Pyle (A-7)
  30. Disease and Insect Control by Orlando Capizzi (A-8)
  31. Cost of Establishing Turf by Victor Taricano (A-9)
  32. Question and Answers (A-10)
  33. Control of Pests of Ornamentals and Turf Occuring on Golf Courses by John C. Schread (A-12)
  34. Behind the Scenes in Soil Testing and What it Means to You Bertram Gersten and Wm. G. Colby (A-19)
  35. Lessons Learned from the 1958 Season as Applied to Golf Course Maintenance by A.M. Radko (A-21)
  36. The Outlook in Chemical Weed Control on Fine Turf by John Gallagher (A-24)
  37. New Developments in Turfgrass Disease Diagnosis and Control by Frank Howard (A-26)