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  1. A Poem by David King (page 1)
  2. Dedication by William W. Wollinger (1)
    Keeping the Golfer Informed by Thomas Caputi (2)
  3. Tips on Keeping Your Help by Charles Lane (2)
  4. Control of Helminthosporium Diseases by Ronald Hodgkinson (4)
  5. Early history of Golf by Louis F. Facy (4)
  6. Modern Products for Modern Living by Rod Hermitage (6)
  7. Class Will of '67 (7)
  8. Soil Acidity and Liming by F.E. Hutchinson (A-1)
  9. History of Poa annua by John C. Harper II (A-2)
  10. Irrigation Practices on Poa annua by Joseph R. Flaherty (A-9)
  11. From Poa annua to Bluegrass by Charles H. Tadge (A-10)
  12. Renovation - Timing and Nutrients by Lee Record (A-13)
  13. Poa annua Panel - Questions and Answers by Alexander Radko (A-16)
  14. The Green Section Specifications for a Putting Green by James L. Holmes (A-19)
  15. Soil Modification and Results of Further testing by D.V. Waddington (A-25)
  16. Water in the Right Amount in the Right Place at the Right Time for Turf by Eliot C. Roberts (A-31)
  17. That's Not What I Said! Frank Gallagher (A-39)
  18. Growing and Distribution of Sod by Ben Warren (A-43)
  19. Post Management of Sod by George F. Stewart (A-44)
  20. Sod Certification by Henry W. Indyk (A-45)
  21. Management of Various Park and Turf Gardens by Robert W. Sharkey (A-47)