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  1. Proper Watering by Earl P. Grey (page 1)
  2. Soil Structure and Plant Feeding for Trees and Shrubs on the Golf Course by William Teece (2)
  3. Power Golf Carts: A Blessing or a Curse by David Dunlavey (3)
  4. A Comparison by Paul White (3)
  5. Trees on a Golf Course by Oliver Leech (5)
  6. Turf Management Majors Want a Golf Team by Richard Rossiter (6)
  7. Class Will of '66 (7)
    Famous Last Words from 1966 (8)
  8. Turf Heating with Electric Cables by J.R. Barrett, Jr. and W.H. Daniel (A-1)
  9. Poa Annua Restriction by C. F. Kerr and W.H. Daniel (A-9)
  10. Phosphorus by Marvin H. Ferguson (A-14)
  11. Role of Potassium in Turf Grass management by R. E. Wagner (A-16)
  12. Role of Minor Elements in Turfgrass Management by Alexander Radko (A-22)
  13. Rhizoctonia Brown patch and Pythium Diseas by Malcolm C. Shurtleff (A-27)
  14. Sclerotinia Dollar Spot and "Snow Mold" by Noel Jackson (A-32)
  15. Fusarium Blight - Disease of Turf Grasses by George A. Bean (A-35)
  16. Observing the Weather - Old and New Techniques by Robert C. Copeland (A-39)
  17. Water Supply by Allan Grieve Jr. (A-41)
  18. Establishment and Maintenance of Campus Turf by William A. Lambert (A-51)
  19. Athletic Field Management by J. T. Williams (A-56)