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  1. The Value of Earthworms by Eric Johnson (page 1)
  2. Golf Course Bridge Construction by Robert A. Huntley (2)
  3. Importance of Trees and Care by Donald Pipczinski (3)
  4. Management Practices Help Control Turf Diseases by Larry Bunn (3)
  5. Class Will of '69 (5)
  6. Famous Sayings of '69 (6)
  7. The Reluctant Human by John Denison (A-1)
  8. Communicating by Frank Gallagher (A-4)
  9. Vandalism on the Golf Course by Edward B. Patroski (A-7)
  10. The GCSAA Organization - What it Means to You (A-13)
  11. Role of Potash in Turf Production by Lindsay D. Brown (A-17)
  12. Dew is Note Dew by Tom Mascaro (A-28)
  13. Insects in Turf and Their Control by John C. Schread (A-36)
  14. Turf Treatment and the Balance of Nature by Haim B. Gunner (A-39)
  15. The After-Effects of Irrigation by John C. Harper, II (A-40)
  16. Athletic Field Specifications by John C. Harper, II (A-45)
  17. Pennsylvania Turfgrass Survey by John C. Harper, II (A-52)
  18. Seeding Vs. Sodding by Norman Gray (A-54)
  19. Synthetic Turf by R. Spencer Thompson (A-58)
  20. Why Do We Have Dealers .. Does He Justify His Existence? (A-61)
  21. The Importance of Suppliers of Turf materials by John N. Magovern (A-64)
  22. Golf Course Maintenance at St. Andrews by John C. Campbell (A-68)
  23. Ground Covers for Golf Courses by Jack Eggens (A-75)
  24. Gardening - 600 BC to Country Club Road by Warren Bidwell (A-79)
  25. Blues Vs. Bents for Fairway Turf by James L. Holmes (A-87)